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in their traitorous minds.'" >> reporter: as the fbi works out the details of this murderous path the t-s- a is also asking how is it that in the post 9-11 era did a gunman could make it this close to an american passenger plane. >> "obviously this gives us great concern. so we'll look at what our policies are but it's all done in cooperation with each airport police agency and how we go about providing for the best possible security." >> reporter: because on this day at america's third busiest airport it failed to prevent one man with a gun from doing this. kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. >> we are learning more about the victim of the shooting. 39-year-old gerardo hernandez. as loved ones grieve the death of the t-s-a officer. kron 4's mike pelton reports live from the newsroom with more on hernandez. and where the investigation goes from here. mike? >> 39-year-old gerardo hernandez is the first t-s- a official to die in the line of duty in the agency's 12-year history. and he would have celebrated his 40th birthday just next week. members are mourning his death. his widow.spoke for th
. it >> the fbi has identified the suspect as a 23 year-old resident of las angeles. >> a man with an assault rifle approach a security officer inside terminal 3. >> the man approached security and started shooting. >> a 39 year-old tsa officer was killed he was checking travel documents at a check point and he was the first officer to have died in the line of duty since the agency was established in 2001 appeared >> the gunman is 23 years old he is a u.s. citizen formally a resident of new jersey and we are currently investigating his background and more about him. >> the incident raises some questions about security inside of the nation's airports especially below large airports like las angeles international. >> los angeles airport is one of those airports that is tough to secure 100 percent because of its massive size. >> passengers are frustrated at the delays. >> the shooter was described as sending rambling text messages to his family about the living conditions here in los angeles and that the security searches at the airport were a violation of his constitutional rights. >> and many
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2